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Custom ECU Remap

This is our premier service and is available for most makes and models. This involves reading the original file in the ECU and then, once we know the settings, we supply a new map for the ECU, hence the name ECU remap.

To do a remap we need access to your car, plus light, power and good internet coverage so we can get on the internet.


We change various parameters in the files, including but not solely, timing, fuelling, boost on the turbo (if there is one) and throttle response. In some cases, we can remove speed limiters and alter the red line. On some TDIs we can offer DPF and EGR off files.

You will notice a much sharper and better throttle response. More low to mid-range power, which is where most people want it and better acceleration at all speeds. If driven normally, you should see better fuel economy as well due to the fact that the power comes in earlier, stays for longer and hence reducing the need to change gears and rev the vehicle to get the power you want.