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Commercial ECU Remaps
for your commercial vehicle, truck, bus or motorhome.

It’s not just the race or family car that will benefit from having an ECU upgrade. We have modified hundreds of commercial vehicles and trucks over the last 20 years, and many are still on the road with well over a million kilometres on them.


We can increase low down torque to give more power at lower revs, which will negate the need to rev as much. We are consistently told that trucks we have modified pull harder up hills and in a higher gear than before. Throttle response is also improved. Many operators are saving thousands of dollars a month on fuel as a result of being upgraded. As with all our installs, we offer a full money back warranty; if you aren’t happy with the improvement we’ll take it out and revert it back to standard. And if you are still not convinced, ask about our special “Try before you buy” option for fleet owners.

Customized Files

All Peter James Tuning files for trucks are custom files and made specifically for each truck.

We can remap many makes, from Mac, Scania, Volvo, Mercedes, Iveco, DAF, MAN, Caterpillar and Cummins engines. Not only do we give more torque and power, but we will improve fuel economy.