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We offer a full 20,000kms or 12 months warranty on all upgrades. Full money back warranty on all upgrades if not satisfied.


All upgrades are covered by a 12 month 20,000kms warranty. Any other modifications carried out after our upgrade or track/off road use will nullify the warranty. Superchips NZ Ltd have to be notified in writing of any faults or issues BEFORE it is taken anywhere else and will not be liable for costs not authorised by them. Superchips NZ Ltd must be given the opportunity to rectify any issues before third parties are involved.

Your tuned vehicle is warranted for a year or 20,000kms, whichever is first, against engine only defects caused by the upgrade whilst it is in New Zealand or Australia, or until you no longer own it.

For your peace of mind, we have summarised our warranty in the very unlikely event that you have any problems with your vehicle. Please note this is not meant to replace the manufacturers warranty.

  • Report any claims to your local Peter James Tuning or Superchips authorised centre, or contact us within 30 days of any fault.
  • We will endeavour to ascertain what the cause of the problem is and fix it if it is down to the ECU upgrade.
  • If we cannot repair the problem or if you are not happy with the outcome, Peter James Tuning will arrange for an independent workshop to inspect the vehicle to determine why the modification has caused the fault.
  • The garage will be authorised to carry out repairs as soon as possible, providing it is established the upgrade is at fault.
  • You get your vehicle back at no cost to you.

Please note that any other modifications to the vehicle carried out after your Superchip has been installed must be authorised in writing by Peter James Tuning, as they may affect any claim.

Normal wear and tear is not included and of course, any track or racing use nullifies the warranty.

The vehicle must be in roadworthy condition prior to the claim and have an up to date service history.

Items subject to manufacturers recalls are not covered.

A full version of the warranty is available on request from your authorised fitting centre.